Nicolas Chevobbe

2016 Challenge : Week #20

If you did not, read the initial blog post announcing the challenge

On Week #19, I worked on Bug 1271191 to add support for #RGBA syntax on the devtools. I was waiting for review, which was granted and the bug was resolved on Tuesday.

#rgba & #rrggbbaa css color formats are now correctly supported by @FirefoxDevTools
Thanks @nicolaschevobbe

— Patrick Brosset (@patrickbrosset) 18 mai 2016
Bugzilla Timeline - Week 20
Week 20 - Success

The previous week, I also worked on a bug whose goal was to display properly cased tag names all across the devtools (Bug 1270215). I ended up creating a new property on the NodeFront, displayName, which is the concatenation of Element.prefix and Element.localName (if prefix exists). I then added a handful of tests to make sure everything was fixed, and after some back and forth due to stupid mistakes, the bug was resolved on Friday.

I tried to finish fixing Bug 1248274, an issue about editing property in the rule view. I was waiting for review on my patch. There were some things I hadn’t thought of :

I’m still working on this, there’s some challenges to fix it due to some race conditions.

I worked a bit on the new React-based console frontend, especially on making the console output objects ( Object, Array, Node, …), using Reps, which are components created by a member of the devtools team, Honza, and are already used in the DOM panel. There wasn’t much to do as the components already do the heavy work. I just had to add some props to display things differently (e.g, not displaying surrounding quotes on a string). I am not done with this one yet, I’m waiting for feedback on a pull request to know how far should I go and how I can tackle some issues that showed up.