Nicolas Chevobbe

2016 Challenge : Week #14

If you did not, read the initial blog post announcing the challenge

On Week 13, I was waiting for Bug 1260714 to be merged to mozilla-central. And it was, on Sunday to Monday night, making my week a success even before I woke up :)

Bugzilla Timeline - Week 14
Week 14 - Success

The week before, Patrick Brosset asked me on IRC if I was willing to work on Bug 1260510. The rule panel was empty when a stylesheet contained a data-uri sourcemap, although there should be displayed rules. I worked on it all week long, and during the process, I encountered another bug, this time in the Style editor. If an inline style tag contains a sourcemap reference, the original file (which might be a SASS, Stylus or LESS one) couldn’t load. I fixed this and pushed a patch to the bug Patrick pointed me at. Rightfully, he indicated me that the patch did not adress the particular bug and that I should file a new one. So did I (Bug 1260510), and asked there for review on my patch.

The original bug was resolved by a fix on another bug by Patrick (Bug 1255787), but someone commented on it to say there were still seeing it. After they gave a test case for it, I was able to spot the problem, which is slightly different : if the <link> href is generated with URL.createObjectURL() and contains a sourcemap, then the Rules panel is empty. I filed a bug for it (Bug 1263439), and pushed a patch for review too.

I worked on a couple other bugs too, but I’ll talk about it when I ask for review on them.

This week I also attended two meetings : the devtools team meeting on Tuesday, and another one on Friday which Patrick invited me in. The latter was about bug triaging on the Inspector component, i.e. assigning each bug a priority. We quickly went through a list of unprioritized bugs which were filed within the last two weeks. However, there was still older unprioritized bugs ( ~650 ) and Patrick suggested to split them in batches and give each participant of the meeting one batch to prioritize. Although Patrick said I wasn’t obliged, I offered my (welcomed) help and did my best to triage those bugs (there were 75 of them, and I still have to do ~20).

let priority = "P" + (1 + Math.random() * 3 | 0);
Triage tip from Julian Descottes

The process is quite tedious, at least for me. I need to :

I left some aside and we will go through it in the next meeting to decide what to do with them.

Saturday I also got the confirmation that I’ll attend the Mozilla All Hands in London this June !

A workweek is a meeting where all the Mozilla Employees get together to meet in person with their team mates, to work on their projects, to plan, and to discover more about the objectives and the goals of the organization for the next quarters.. It’s also an opportunity to work across teams, to identify shared priorities and to build a broader understanding of Mozilla.
Excerpt from All Hands FAQ

I’m really excited about this and I can’t wait to be in June to meet the people of the team IRL and learn how to make a better job in contributing !