Nicolas Chevobbe

2016 Challenge : Week #1

If you did not, read the initial blog post announcing the challenge

See the Pen Bug 1228080 by Nicolas Chevobbe (@nchevobbe) on CodePen.

After fixing my second bug (well, not really) on the Firefox Dev Tools, I asked the mentor Patrick Brosset (@patrickbrosset) some bugs I could work on. From all the bugs he pointed me to, Bug 1227477 looked really nice to work on.

But there were another bug, despite non-blocking, that would be better taken care of before working on the timeline bug : Bug 1228080. All of the animation inspector panel UI components were in one large and growing javascript file, and each components should have his own file in order to make work easier on the panel.

Reading the description I told myself that it souldn’t be hard and started looking around to see how I could do it. Luckily, there are other tools in the project that uses a components folder, and I looked at it to see how things where organized.

I thus created one file for each exported class in the component.js file and added a file listing all the components files. All I had to do then was clean up the imports that were done in each file according to the component needs. After I was sure everything was working well thanks to the tests, I created a patch and posted it on Bugzilla.

Patrick had a few nitpicking about it. I’m using Sublime Text and the ESLint plugin wasn’t working due to my node version, without me noticing it ( Bug 1229858 ). I updated my node version, fixed all the review comments, amended my commit and posted it on Bugzilla agin.

I was then “r+”ed , and Patrick pushed the patch to the TRY server, while advising me to ask an access, linking me to resources on how to get it and what it all means.

As it was described, I filed a bug ( you need an email address and a public SSH key ), and asked Patrick to vouch me which he did.

In the meanwhile, RyanVM chimmed in and said the patch did not apply on his repo. As I’m not familiar at all working with Mercurial, I thought I did something wrong with my sources. Ryan was talking about the fx-team repo, whereas I worked on mozilla-central from my first bug fix.

I went on the DevTools channel on IRC, asking what repo I should work on. I was told it should be better to work on the fx-team as it is where the latest changes are.

I cloned fx-team, applied my patch ( with hg import ), and again, saw nothing wrong with it. I pinged Patrick on IRC, and as he also could apply the patch to his repo, he landed it.

The bug was resolved on Thursday night which was great, as it let me the week-end to wright the initial blog post, this one, and to hack a little on a dashboard I could use for my challenge.

See the Pen Bug Timeline Test by Nicolas Chevobbe (@nchevobbe) on CodePen.

It’s heavily inspired by Cushion app by Jonnie Hallman (@destroytoday) which have a great journal I enjoyed reading when Jonnie was building the app.

It’s not ready for my use yet, I’ll see what I can do with it.

So we’re Sunday, I made it for the first week of the year. Week 2 starts tomorrow, and I will work on Bug 1227477. See you next Sunday even if I should be on holidays in Jura for some snowboarding ( if the snow falls down ).