Nicolas Chevobbe

2016 Challenge : Week #9

If you did not, read the initial blog post announcing the challenge

In the beginning of the week, I had a pending review for Bug 1247243, which Patrick Brosset r+’d right away on Monday. My patch was merged to mozilla-central on Tuesday.

Bugzilla Timeline
Success !

I worked all week long on Bug 1246514, which goal is to switch the option panel from XUL to HTML. It was quite interesting as I had to re-learn the basics of HTML inputs, how to deal with form events, how to pick semantically relevant tags in places of XUL’s ones… I had to edit a few tests ( mostly to target “input” elements instead of “checkbox”, “radiogroup”, “menulist”, …). I also had to tweak the CSS in order to keep the same visual aspect, because I made some changes to the structure of the page, and also because XUL elements and its HTML equivalents do not have the same style. I pushed my patch to review today ( Sunday ), and I’ll see how this is going.

As I was in Dijon in the middle of the week, Patrick Brosset asked me if I wanted to meet him — he’s working remotely from there.

@nicolaschevobbe In Dijon for 2 days this week eh? Want to meet?

— Patrick Brosset (@patrickbrosset) 29 février 2016

It was quite nice to meet someone from the core team of the project I’m working on. We talked about our lives and jobs, a lot about the joy of being remote. He also explained me some things about the devtools team, its history and its goals. He encouraged me to keep contributing and succeed in my challenge, which boost me up !

I had a little time to add month indicators on Bugzilla Timeline ( Tim N’Guyen added an issue for this on Github )

Bugzilla Timeline
Month indicators

I also managed to tinker with my website a bit and made some visual enhancements on the homepage. hompeage
Slightly better

So this week is a success, I keep the streak going on and I’m as motivated as I was at the beginning of the challenge !