Nicolas Chevobbe

2016 Challenge : Week #17

If you did not, read the initial blog post announcing the challenge

On Week #16 I started working on Bug 820926, which aimed to display better HTML markup, and more specifically, not display closing tag on void elements. I had already asked for review, and I got feedback in the beginning of the week. The main concern of the reviewer was that I was using a non-standard property, document.contentType, to detect if the document was an HTML one. After some discussion with other members of the team, we agreed to use it anyway, as it was already used in other places in Firefox. I had a few things to fix, and a test to split, and I was then able to ask for review again. This time the review was granted, and the bug was resolved on Thursday.

Bugzilla Timeline - Week 17
Week 17 - Success

While I was waiting a review on the bug, I picked another one, Bug 1245365. This one is not an enhancement, but a real bug. In the markup view, when you enter an attribute selector, lets say [src^=https], the suggestions made no sense, and when you selected one suggestion, it overrided your search with an unwanted and kind of unrelated string. The attribute search was half-baked and wasn’t doing a good job. I tinkered with the code and some regular expressions to make it work more reliably and asked for review. There were some flaws in my regular expressions, so I had to modify my patch, and I’m now waiting for review again.

When I was working on that bug, I came across another bug in the markup search.

Fix gif - Malcolm in the middle

Lets say you have a page with two divs in a body element. One of the div has an id (e.g. #el), and the other none. When you search for body #, the suggestion popup shows two items. A correct one, body #el, which target the div with an id, and another one, body #, which isn’t related to anything. If you select this suggestion, all you get is «no result found». This seemed wrong to me, but there were a test that expected it as a result. So I went on IRC and asked if someone had a rationale about this. As Brian Grinstead told me that this shouldn’t be returned, I filed a bug (Bug 1269034) and submitted a patch shortly after. Brian granted my review and i’m now expecting my patch to be checked-in.

This week, I also kept on working on the new console frontend :

This experiment will land soon (Bug 1260283) on the official tree which is great !

See you next week !